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Our Schools, Our Kids, Our Future

Christmas Holidays and Stress . . .

No matter what nationality or what religion you are, there are celebrations and holidays of some sort included in your beliefs.  Palacios happens to be a very diverse community.  Throughout most of our Palacios cultures, the birth of Christ is a very important holiday.  Even though it may be very joyous, if you are preparing for the holidays it can be a very stressful time of the year no matter what culture you are from. But if you stop and think about it, being stressed out is a choice.

Life is made up of a series of choices.  My hectic professional life is of my choosing.  I love my career in education; therefore, a life of stress has become my choice.  (A little stress in my life actually makes me more productive.)  But most often I hurry through life going from one place to the next focused on getting paperwork submitted on time, attending events, ensuring students are getting a meaningful all around education, visiting with unhappy parents, meeting with vendors while most of the time, believing I will never have enough time to do all the things I need to get done.  Yet, I need to remember that I am the creator of this life I choose to live.  Life is a series of choices and being free from stress is one of those choices.

The same goes for you – if your business or personal lives are overly complicated, you have chosen your current system of chaos.  The world continues to tempt us to fit more things into our lives, both personal and professional.  Some of us have very lengthy to-do lists that we never seem to get to the bottom of.  The amount of things on our "to do list" is not about to decrease any time soon, so how do we deal with the daily overload of stress, information, tasks and responsibilities?  If we can simplify our lives and ideas, we may be rewarded with our greatest achievements.  We have to learn to slow down long enough to see though all the clutter.  Whether good or bad, we have attracted this life to ourselves.  

Embrace your culture and religion, enjoy being generous and giving, but not at the expense of over-complicating your life, being stressed or hating the holidays.  As we head into the holiday season, create the life you truly want to live – with less stress and complexity.  You may choose to have one that is anchored by a clear sense of purpose and it may be unique to your personality.  You may even want to take out a blank sheet of paper or a laptop and write out your ideal life.  Then commit yourself by informing others of the life you chose to live and have them support you.  

No matter what religion or culture you may be from, make the Christmas holidays a special time of year to renew your own purpose in life before you give to others.  Over the holidays, do not feel as if you have to do it all to make it a special time for your family.  Delegate some tasks to others and take shortcuts whenever possible.  Take time from your hectic schedule to give the gift of your time: relax and enjoy your loved ones!

May each and every one of you be blessed over Christmas and the holidays! 

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