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Bus Rules

By Adriana Whitwell

Bus Behavior                            



Students riding the bus are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that allows for the safety and comfort of all those on the bus.  They are expected to obey all posted rules and any special instructions of the bus driver, which include: 

1.      Keeping hands and head inside the bus windows.

2.      No pushing, shoving, fighting.

3.      Talking normally and appropriately without offensive language, shouting or screaming.

4.      Remaining seated while the bus is in motion.

5.      Entering and leaving the bus through the front door; the back door is for emergency use  only.

6.      Crossing the road in front of the bus and only after so instructed by the driver.

7.      Standing off the roadway while waiting for the bus at home and remaining three feet away from the edge of the curb while waiting to board the bus at school.

8.      Students may be assigned seats.

9.      Wait for the driver’s signal upon leaving the bus and before crossing in front  of the bus.


Any student who chooses not to obey the rules of safe ridership is jeopardizing his/her right to ride the school bus.  These regulations apply to all field trips, as well, and are for the welfare and safety of all students.  These rules apply at the bus stop, while en route to and from school, and while loading and unloading the bus.  Failure to observe the school bus regulations will result in appropriate disciplinary action.  Severity of the offense is at the discretion of the campus administrator.  

Consequences for disciplinary situations will result in loss of bus riding privileges.


First offense – 3 days suspension from riding the bus

Second offense – 10 days suspension from riding the bus
Third offense – Loss of semester or full year privilege from riding the bus


The Bus Behavior rules and consequences listed above are located in the 2009 – 2010 Student Handbook on pages 3 and 4.  Please review these rules and consequences with your child so his/her bus privileges are not removed.


If you have any problems with your child, the bus, or other children on the bus, please report these problems to the bus driver.  Parents are not allowed to distract the bus driver or get on the bus to discuss any situations or problems.  


Students are expected to follow these rules while waiting at school for the afternoon bus to arrive:

      • Stay in line
      • Keep hands and feet to yourself
      • Keep supplies in back pack
      • Ask before going to the restroom
      • No eating
      • Talk normally and appropriately


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