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Our Schools, Our Kids, Our Future

Counting Blessings

Many of you are probably much better than I am at counting your blessings.  I have discovered as of late, how much I take for granted.  Research has proven that if you reflect on your blessings each day, you will have a more rewarding, less stressful day.

First of all, I am so very blessed with good health.  It may not be as good as it was a few years ago with my variety of complaints such as when I have a headache or a cold, or am feeling stressed, or even when I am stiff and sore as I head out the door for a run each morning.   But honestly, that I can still get out there every day at my age, I should be counting my blessings and quit whining!  After the recent heart issues a good friend and co-worker has been experiencing, it really helped me put my life in perspective.  I thank God for my general good health and the health of my family.  We are able to enjoy many active experiences, both new and routine, outdoor and indoor.  I can even keep up with my 20 month-old grandson (almost).

Unfortunately the busier I get, the more I tend to forget how Palacios is a truly wonderful place.  My husband and I often do not take the time to enjoy the beauty of the bay and its unique features unless we are parading our out-of-town guests around the area.  Even though we may have experienced a wetter winter than most, we were blessed to not have the extreme cold, snow and ice that much of the country experienced.   The number of snow birds that reside in Palacios during the winter months demonstrates this.  It is not just climate and beauty that enriches the town, but the community members who are generous of their time, talents and hard work.
I am also truly blessed that I have the opportunity to work with colleagues in an outstanding school system.  We have our challenges with accountability, mandates and funding as all school districts currently do right now.  What puts us above most districts is that we have a staff that tackles these issues positively while remaining passionate and enthusiastic about educating our students.  I cannot say enough good about our staff.  They continue to work diligently to ensure our children learn all they can to be successful – both in school and upon graduation.  Lessons do not revolve around worksheets but are innovative, creative and engaging.  We have staff members who have earned state and local honors for being the best and bringing out the best in others. 

Blessings are obviously abundant when I contemplate how many friends, staff and community members support me.  During a recent meeting, I was disappointed by an action that was taken.  As I relayed to many people, it was difficult to be discouraged with the outpouring of support I received from staff members, parents, community, local professionals and even the students.  When I reflect on the love, and appreciation that has been bestowed upon me, I can easily count my blessings and keep a smile upon my face.

Each day may you be reminded of your blessings and continue to have many more bestowed upon you.

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