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Bus Rider Safety

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Bus Rider Safety

Important to Everyone!


The goal of bus rider safety is to help provide a safe and enjoyable experience for students who ride the school bus.  Parents are responsible for reading and discussing the material with their child.  Riding a school bus is a privilege provided by the school district and should be treated as such.

To ignore these rules will result in disciplinary action or suspension of the privilege.

In an effort to ensure your child’s safety, parents or designated adults are required to be at the bus stop for the loading / unloading of all Pre-Kindergarten students.  If no one is there to receive the student, the student will be returned to his/her campus office and it will become the parents' responsibility to get the student home. If a student is off loaded on private property where traffic is not an issue, a parent must be physically visible to the driver in order to off load student. If a student is off loaded on a public road the parent must physically retrieve their child off the bus.  By doing this, a positive and safe transfer of the child is accomplished.  We appreciate you working with us in this matter, as we continue to look for ways to keep all of our children safe.  

Bus registration forms must be filled out completely and signed by the parents and returned to the your child's campus principal's office.  After the first two weeks have passed, any student who has failed to turn in a signed bus registration card will no longer be allowed to ride the school bus.

A parent may choose one of three locations for their child/children to be picked up and dropped off at the same location each day.  Approved locations are the parents 911 address or the grandparents 911 address all of which must be on an approved route and an approved stop.


  1. Obey the instructions of the bus driver at all times.
  2. Board and leave the bus at designated stops only.
  3. Ride only the bus to which you are assigned.
  4. Any student attempting to ride a bus to which he/she is not assigned must have a note signed by the parent.  This note must be given to the principal/assistant principal for approval.  A temporary bus pass will be issued to the student and must be given to the bus driver.


  1. Be respectful and follow all directions of the driver at all times.
  2. Stay seated facing front with your feet on the floor.
  3. Keep your hands, feet and objects to yourself and inside the bus.
  4. Do not use foul language at any time.
  5. Follow all classroom rules to not disrupt the bus ride.
  6. No eating or drinking allowed on the bus except for a (plastic) water bottle.
  7. No use of cell phones or radios/CD/MP3/IPod on bus.
  8. Unauthorized use of the emergency exit is prohibited.
  9. No defacing of school property.


  1. Be at the bus stop at least five minutes before scheduled pick-up time.  The driver WILL NOT wait or honk the horn.
  2. Stand on the sidewalk or back from the roadway while waiting for the school bus.  When the bus approaches, form a line and be prepared to load immediately.
  3. Stand clear of the bus until is comes to a complete stop.
  4. If you miss the bus, go home immediately.  It will now become the parents' responsibility to get their child to school.
  5. Parents should instruct their child on what procedures to follow if the bus is missed.


  1. Do not push or shove.
  2. Use the handrail and steps.
  3. The bus driver will assign seats.  Be sure you sit in your assigned seat.
  4. Go to your seat.  The bus will not move until all students are seated.


  1. Stay seated until the bus is completely stopped.
  2. Use the handrail and take one step at a time when leaving the bus.
  3. Wait for your turn to leave the bus.
  4. Stay clear of the bus after getting off.  Do not chase or hang onto the bus.


  1. When crossing the street or highway, walk in front of the bus and wait for the driver to signal that it is safe to cross.
  2. Check in both directions and walk directly across the road.
  3. Never cross the road behind the bus.
  4. CAUTION:  Be alert for vehicles that do not stop when the bus is loading or unloading.
  5. Cross the streets at intersections when possible.  Obey all traffic signals and signs on your way to and from the bus stop.


  1. Tobacco of all kinds.
  2. Live animals or insects.
  3. Glass containers.
  4. Alcoholic beverages.
  5. Weapons, explosive devices, fireworks, harmful drugs or chemicals.
  6. Open flames of any kind (matches, lighters, etc.)
  7. Any object (i.e., musical instrument, shop or science projects) too large for students to hold in their laps and cannot extend beyond their assigned space.
  8. Food and/or drinks (water in plastic bottles are allowed)


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