Purpose of the District Education Improvement Council (DEIC)

  • The purpose of the District Education Improvement Council (DEIC) is to establish and review the district goals and objectives and to discuss major instructional programs, participate in the development and approval of staff development of a district-wide nature, and provide written comments or requests for waivers, if appropriate.

    The DEIC is comprised of four professional teaching staff members, one campus-based non-teaching professional, one district-wide professional staff member, two parent representatives, two community representatives, and two business representatives.  Principals and Central Office administrators will serve as ex-officio members.

2023-2024 Representatives

  • CIT Elementary Member
    Lori Beth Mullinex

    Non-CIT Elementary Member
    Sarah Chapman

    CIT Secondary Member
    Morgan Huerta 

    Non-CIT Secondary Member
    Kay Wagner

    Community Members
    Nellie Lee & Mashelle Seaman

    Business Representatives
    Jessica Huyen Nguyen & Marcy Duran

    Parent Representatives
    Rayni Longoria  & Gabriella Garcia

    Paraprofessional Representative
    Liza Puente  

    Ad-Hoc Members
    Buddy Kelley
    Stephanie Garcia
    Dr. Brian Williams
    Dr. Bill Chapman
    Amy Marroquin  

    Non-Teaching Professional
    Veronica Kacer  

    District Level Professional Representative
    Dr. Jared Duncum    

    Community Partner
    Gina Guerrero

    Student Representative
    Kinsley Marroquin  

    Local Government Representative
    Joseph Felan

Meeting Dates, Agendas & Minutes