Selection Procedure (Update Pending)

    1. The Distinguished Alumni Awards Committee shall receive and review each nomination. Award Honorees shall then be selected by the Distinguished Alumni Awards Committee. No fewer than five Distinguished Alumni Awards Committee members shall be present for this selection. Proxies shall not be permitted.
    2. In each year, no more than two (2) awards can be given.
    3. The Distinguished Alumni Awards Committee reserves the right to reject any or all nominations.
    4. Individuals nominated for an award and not chosen, shall remain nominees for two (2) additional years; after which, the nomination may be resubmitted for consideration.

    Formal Notification and Receipt of an Award

    1. Following the Distinguished Alumni Awards Committee balloting, each Award Honoree shall receive a letter informing the Honoree of his or her election. Each Award Honoree shall submit a brief personal statement/acceptance, and a condensed version of career highlights.
    2. The award must be accepted in person or as approved by the Superintendent. Posthumous Awards shall be accepted by a member of the designee’s immediate family or by a person deemed acceptable to the Superintendent.
    3. Recognition will be made during the graduation ceremony each year and honorees’ will receive an award.