Eligibility for Awards (Update Pending)

    1. The Distinguished Alumni Award shall be open to any alumnus or alumna who graduated from Palacios High School and is at least forty-five (45) years of age at the time of nomination. Awards for alumni will be given for achievement in various fields of service including, but not limited to, the fine or performing arts, business, education, entertainment, law, medicine, military, philanthropy, politics, public service, religion, scholarship and science.
    2. Awards may be given posthumously and, in such instances, there shall be no age requirement.
    3. No current member of the Distinguished Alumni Awards Committee shall be eligible for an Award.
    4. Current employees, or current Board Members of the district, are not eligible for consideration. Former students, teachers, administrators, Board Members who are Palacios ISD graduates are eligible, but all employees do not become eligible until they are former employees.
    5. Individuals may only win this award one time.