State & Federal Programs

  • Through collaborations with campuses, PISD departments, families and community organizations, the Palacios ISD State and Federal Programs Department is committed to enriching the education of PISD students. The major initiatives of the department include:

    Title I Campus Programs
    • Parent & Family Engagement
    Title I and Title II Professional Development Initiatives 
    • Instructional Coaches
    • Consultants and Trainers
    • Conferences and Special Events
    • Professional Learning Communities
    Early Childhood Programs
    • PISD Prekindergarten
    • Homeless Services
    • Foster Care Services

    Department staff members work closely with campuses and district staff to utilize the following funding sources to enhance instruction in the district through federal grants:

    Title I, Part A: The purpose of Title I, A funding is to provide additional resources to schools to ensure that all children are provided a high quality education that will enable them to exceed performance standards.  All campuses within PISD currently receive Title I, Part A funds.
    Title I, Part D: Title I, D funds are utilized to supplement educational programs for students residing at the Victoria Regional Juvenile Justice Center. The Juvenile Justice Center (JJC) Transition Mentor facilitates the successful transition of delinquent youth entering, between, or out of secure settings to support education or employment.
    Title II, Part A: Funds awarded under Title II, Part A are utilized to provide high quality professional development and support for all PISD principals and teachers. 
    Title III, Part A: Title III, Part A provides supplemental resources to ensure that children who are English language learners (ELLs), also identified in statute as limited English proficient (LEP), attain English proficiency at high levels in core academic subjects to meet state mandated achievement performance standards.
    Title IV, Part A: The goal of Title IV, Part A is to provide all students access to a well rounded education, improve academic outcomes by maintaining safe and healthy students, and improve the use of technology to advance student academic achievement.