Registration for Returning Students

  • Palacios ISD uses Ascender Parent Portal to allow parents/guardians to register their current PISD students online.  Parents must log in to their parent portal account to complete the process before school starts.  If you do not already have an account created, you must set this up first.

    Requirements needed to register online are as follows:  

    • Each student being registered must be a returning student.
    • Web access ie. computer, mobile device, etc.
    • An Ascender Parent Portal account which includes a login/password 
      Parent portal link: 

    Ascender Parent Portal

    • A valid email address for the parent/guardian completing the process.

    All data changes submitted via Ascender Parent Portal must be reviewed by the campus before the student’s record is updated.

    If a submitted change is rejected, you will be notified by email. The email message should inform you why a particular change was rejected and what to do. Contact the student’s campus for more information.

    Grades Pre-K to 2nd at 361-972-2911 or the website: Central Elementary Campus
    Grades 3-5 at 361-972-2544 or the website: East Side Intermediate Campus
    Grades 6-8 at 361-972-2417 or the website: Palacios Junior High School Campus
    Grades 9-12 at 361-972-2571 or the website: Palacios High School Campus

    Troubleshooting tip:
    The email address in our Ascender system that you used to register last year, MUST match the email address you used to create your Parent Portal account.
    If you do not have a registration button, or you have it and it is faded and you cannot click, that is likely to be the reason why.