• We service all of the maintenance needs of the district. Our dedicated staff of custodians, groundskeepers, and general maintenance specialists work hard every day to ensure the buildings and campuses are attractive, clean and comfortable. 

    Daniel Guevara
    Mainenance Coordinator
    Palacios ISD Administration Office
    1209 Twelfth Street
    Palacios, Texas 77465
    Office: 361-972-5491 Ext. 1015
    Cell:  361-920-8856
    Email:  danielg@palaciosisd.org

    Maintenance Staff
    Jose Puente
    Tino Rojas
    Steven Rutledge
    Shawn Boehme
    Juan Hernandez
    Robert Sanchez

    Maintenance Work Order - Click this link to submit a request for work that needs to be done, such as equipment repair, furniture that needs to be moved, etc.