• Board/Administrative Goals

    Vision Statement – Every student prepared for a successful future


    Fairness and Equity:

    • We will treat everyone with consideration, integrity, and respect
    • We will build relationships through consistency, transparency, and trust


    • We will serve as positive role models for our community, students, and staff
    • We will carry out our roles and responsibilities with a high level of commitment, diligence, and skill

    Accountability and High Expectations:

    • We will take ownership for the academic performance of every student
    • We will ensure that all students learn, perform, and achieve at high levels

    Positive Environments:

    • We will establish a safe, secure, and positive environment for all
    • We will ensure a dynamic atmosphere based on teamwork, communication, and collaboration

    District Goals

    GOAL 1:
    PALACIOS ISD will maintain and improve upon well-rounded, comprehensive academic and extracurricular programs designed to foster individual student growth and achievement.

    GOAL 2:
    PALACIOS ISD will establish and improve fiscally sound practices to ensure the efficient and effective management of the District’s resources and operations.

    GOAL 3:
    PALACIOS ISD will recruit, develop and support highly qualified staff to provide authentic student-centered learning and instruction.

    GOAL 4:
    PALACIOS ISD will establish outreach opportunities for parental involvement across all demographics of the population.