• Vision Statement

    "Preparing ALL students for THEIR future"

    Mission Statement

    The Palacios Independent School District  will equip and encourage students to establish and achieve their goals.

     Palacios ISD Core Values


    • Treat everyone with integrity and respect
    • Build trusting relationships


    • Serve as positive role models
    • Perform responsibilities with commitment and diligence


    • Take ownership for the performance of every student
    • Ensure all students learn, perform, and achieve


    • Maintain a safe and secure environment
    • Provide a positive atmosphere

    Areas of Focus

    Academic Achievement for ALL

    Vision Statement:
    Every PISD student will move one step closer every day toward achieving their full academic potential.
    PISD will inspire individual excellence through collaboratively building a safe, respectful, and inviting learning community where every student’s story matters.

    Educating the WHOLE Child

    Vision Statement:
    PISD will create a safe atmosphere where every student feels valued and achieves at his or her maximum potential.
    PISD will support the whole student by providing them with rich opportunities. The district will provide effective professional development for staff which will support student growth in academics, conflict resolution, character building, and post-high school career aspirations.

    Human Capital

    Vision Statement:
    PISD will have a culture and reputation of recruiting, hiring, developing, and retaining highly qualified staff who feel valued and positively impact the development of all students.

    Cultivate an inclusive, professional environment that supports, provides opportunities for growth and development, and empowers all employees.

    Operational Excellence

    Vision Statement:
    A well equipped, trained, and qualified operational staff will work seamlessly with campus and district faculty to create and sustain a safe, clean, and functional campus plant for our students, staff, and community.
    We will recruit and train qualified personnel for the purpose of creating a safe educational environment for our students. With the proper training operational staff will be invested in and contribute to positive student outcomes.

    Parent and Community Partnership

    Vision Statement:
    Palacios ISD will develop a collaborative, meaningful, inviting partnership with parents and community members promoting a lifelong relationship with all stakeholders.
    Palacios ISD will provide information and establish multilingual input and feedback avenues to build inclusive partnerships where all family and community members are actively involved.

    Effective Technology

    Vision Statement:
    Each PISD student will utilize technology to experience personal development and intellectual growth so that they succeed as a productive, contributing, and responsible global citizen.

    Create and support a collaborative learning climate and culture of continuous improvement and professional learning through the use of technology.